°Cal-check PRO General Industrial Hand Held Precision Thermocouple Calibrator

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CAL PRO 400C– K: A unit for type K thermocouple (+400°C)
CAL PRO 800C– K: A unit for type K thermocouple (+800°C)

  • Accurate calibration of thermocouple instruments –better than +/-10uV
  • Plug-in, press button & read – no PC needed
  • No more need to send instruments away for calibration
  • No wiring or range setting
  • Readings with or without CJC

The °Cal-check PRO is a unique, novel concept for rapid, single point, plug-in thermocouple calibration with better than 10uV accuracy. No interconnection or setting up. Push button to select CJC included or excluded.

The compact, low cost device, terminated with miniature, male pins is simply plugged into the input port of the instrument. Comparison of the displayed reading is compared with the value stated on the °Cal-check label to indicate the accuracy of the test instrument with or without automatic ‘ cold junction compensation’.

The °Cal-check PRO is switched on after insertion and automatically switches off after 3 minutes resulting in a long battery life. If the checker is inadvertently left connected to the instrument, it will go into sleep mode to minimise power consumption. A LED indicates if the checker is operational or if the battery needs replacing; the checker will not produce a reading if the battery is ‘low’.


General DescriptionAccurate calibration of thermocouple instruments –better than +/-10uV. Plug-in, press button & read – no PC needed
TypeThermocouple Type K
Accuracy+/-0.25°C at 23°C ambient temperature
Host Instrument Input Impedance10k Ohm minimum
Temperature Coefficient18-28°C ambient temperature, better than +/-0.5°C 0-50°C ambient temperature, +/-0.5 °C
Storage Temperature Range-20 to 70°C
Ambient Operating Temperature0 to 50°C, 18 to 28°C recommended
Power ConsumptionBattery life: typically 2400 operations; 5 years’ shelf life
Power SupplyCR2032; 3V 230mAh
Standards MetThermocouple Type K to IEC584. Moulded Case to IP50
AccessoriesSupplied with a traceable certificate of calibration