Custom Built Sensors & Calibration

Custom Built Sensors & Calibration


Labfacility are specialists in the design and manufacture of custom-built temperature sensors at our 12,000 square foot Yorkshire plant located in Dinnington.

We can also arrange calibration & source non-standard or custom built thermocouple or PRT cable.

Please contact us with your requirements; technical and application advice is always freely available.

  • Thermocouple, Resistance thermometer or Thermistor
  • Mineral Insulated or Fabricated
  • Thermocouple or PRT Cable
  • Single or Duplex elements
  • Terminations with cable and/or thermocouple connector or terminal head with block or transmitter
  • High accuracy and close tolerance options
  • Multi-way thermocouple extension harnesses with identification markers & connectors; typically used on data logging applications, where multiple sensor connections are required such as in automotive / vehicle development & testing
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