Fine Wire Disc Thermocouple, PFA with Miniature Plug - Type K,J

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High temperature adhesive kapton strips (13x18mm x 5) for quick and easy attachment to surface/process. Copper disc, 6.35mm diameter x 0.3mm thick.


General Description Exposed junction thermocouple with Copper Disc brazed at tip
Sensor Type Copper disc
Thermocouple Type Type ‘K’ or ‘J’ IEC, Type 'K' BS
Thermocouple Junction Grounded measuring junction
Cable Length 1 or 2 metre
Cable Type 1/0.2mm Teflon® insulated twisted wire
Termination Type Miniature flat pin plug, colour coded in accordance IEC 584

Labfacility - Company Overview Presentation

Labfacility - Company Video Presentation featuring, Mineral Insulated Cable Preparation, In-House Welding, Thorough Inspection from our Quality Department, Thermocouple Cable reeled to correct spool lengths, Dedicated work stations for the various sensor configurations, Calibration Test room and Large quantities kept in stock for fast despatch.