4-20mA remote wall mounted housing, Pt100 input with PFA or SSOB cable & PRT sensor

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Housing moulded in general purpose ABS, the external fixing points provide a simple and rapid means of mounting sensors directly onto ducts, dispensing with the need for separate mounting plates.

Need Your Temperature Sensor calibrated?

Traceable to ISO17025 (UKAS) calibration standards, Labfacility offer a choice of a 3 or 5 point traceable calibration using our in-house calibration facility, you can select any temperature points between -10°C & +200°C.

Please be aware that if you add a calibration option to your order, this will add 2-3 days lead time to your order.

General DescriptionCompatible with Pt100 platinum resistance thermometers
Sensor TypeSurface Mounting for remote installation
Cable Length1 or 2 metre
Cable TypePFA screened or Fiberglass stainless steel overbraid available
Core / Strands7/0.2mm
Head TypeHigh Impact ABS Plastic Construction
ThreadEntry Threads M16
Range-50°C to +150°C or 0°C to +400°C (either can be re-ranged if desired)
Output4-20 mA output

Labfacility - Company Overview Presentation

Labfacility - Company Video Presentation featuring, Mineral Insulated Cable Preparation, In-House Welding, Thorough Inspection from our Quality Department, Thermocouple Cable reeled to correct spool lengths, Dedicated work stations for the various sensor configurations, Calibration Test room and Large quantities kept in stock for fast despatch.

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Cable / Wire Insulation Colour Codes

Thermocouple extension and compensating wires and cable. IEC, ANS, DIN & BS.