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Below you will find some of our company literature including product focus and colour charts, all available to download.

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Product Focus

Sensor Fittings

Temperature Sensors

Temperature Instrumentation

Thermocouple & PRT Cables

Thermocouple Connectors

Cold Chain Food Safety 


Temperature Handbook Sections

Introduction and Contents

Thermocouple, resistance thermometer and thermistor theory and practice

Sheath materials, installation fittings and connections


Calibration and instrumentation

Reference data, tables, glossary of terms, FAQs and index


Wall Charts

Labfacility Thermocouple & Platinum Resistance Thermometry - at a Glance


Colour Charts

Thermocouple Connectors

Thermocouple Cable



Thermocouple & Resistance Thermometer Sensors

Thermocouple Connectors Catalogue

Fittings & Components for Sensor Probes

Verigo Data Logger Range - Overview