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Temperature POD Data Loggers

* Verigo Model PD1 Single use 90 Day Temperature Data Logger

* Verigo Model PE1 Reusable Pointed Tip Probe Data Logger

* Verigo Model PB3 Reusable Temperature Data Logger

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Set Descending Direction

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Set Descending Direction

Use any phone or tablet to View, Sync, and Share data at any and all points in the chain. Share data via PDF and Excel reports directly from wherever you are! Start and Stop Pods in the field in seconds, with all recorded data stored automatically.

Verigo’s app is available on Google Play for Android or the App Store for and iOS.  


All shipment data is automatically synchronised to your secure account on Verigo’s Cloud in real-time.

  • Worldwide Email and SMS excursion / violation alerts.
  • Individual Company Account and user management.
  • GPS tracking map and “Event Log” interaction audit PDF and Excel reports on demand.