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High Temperature Sensors

Thermocouple with miniature Ceramic Plug & Ceramic Socket & Ceramic Kiln Thermocouples For High Temperature

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We are specialists in the design and manufacture of custom-built temperature sensors. Quality and Service are key elements in the continued growth of Labfacility; technical support for both sensing and instrumentation is always freely available from our experienced technical sales teams.

Comparison of Sensor Types

  Thermocouple Platinum Resistance Thermometer Thermistor
Sensor Thermoelement,
two dissimilar metals/alloys
Platinum-wire wound or flat-film resistor Ceramic
(metal oxides)
Accuracy (typical values) 0.5 to 5.0°C 0.1 to 1.0°C 0.1 to 1.5°C
Long term Stability Variable, Prone to ageing Excellent Good
Temperature range -200 to1750°C -200 to 650°C -100 to 300°C
Thermal response Sheathed – slow Exposed tip – fast 0.1 to 10 secs typical Wirewound – slow
Film – faster 1-50 secs typical
generally fast 0.05 to 2.5 secs typical
Excitation None Constant current required None
Characteristic Thermovoltage PTC resistance NTC resistance (some are PTC)
Linearity Most types non-linear Fairly linear Exponential
Lead resistance effect Short cable runs satisfactory 3 & 4 wire – low.       2 wire – high Low
Electrical “pick-up” susceptible Rarely susceptible Not susceptible
Interface Potentiometric input. Cold junction compensation required Bridge
2,3 or 4 wire
2 wire resistance
Vibration effects/ shock Mineral insulated types suitable wirewound – not suitable. Film – good Suitable
Output/ characteristic From 10µV/°C to to 40µV/°C depending on type
approx. 0.4 W/°C -4% / °C
Extension Leads Compensating cable Copper Copper
Cost Relatively
low cost
Wirewound – more expensive
Film – cheaper
to moderate

Comments and values shown in this chart are generalised and nominal. They are not intended to be definitive but are stated for general guidance.