Temperature Sensors

We manufacture a wide range of temperature sensors to suit your application. A large range of Thermocouples in IEC or ANSI calibration, PRT's, Detectors, Environmental Sensors and Hand Held Sensors / Thermometers are available here.


  • Thermocouples IEC

    Thermocouples IEC

    A large range of IEC Thermocouples, in various sizes all in IEC colours. Products include Mineral Insulated, Fine Wire Versatile, Fabricated & Specialist Thermocouples together with a range of moulded-on Thermocouples.
  • Thermocouples ANSI

    Thermocouples ANSI

    Mineral Insulated or Fabricated thermocouples, as well as exposed junction thermocouples, in various sizes all in ANSI colours.
  • High Temperature Sensors

    High Temperature Sensors

    Thermocouple with miniature Ceramic Plug & Ceramic Socket & Ceramic Kiln Thermocouples For High Temperature
  • Handheld Temperature Sensors

    Handheld Temperature Sensors

    A selection of IEC, ANSI & JIS Hand Held Temperature Sensors to suit your specific application. Includes the Ergonomic Style range with IP67 rated 'shark tail style' handle which contains an antimicrobial substance to kill microorganisms, making it ideal for the food industry or applications where cleanliness is paramount.
  • Thermometer Kits with Meter

    Thermometer Kits with Meter

    Thermometer Kits with Meter. Products include the HVAC Standard and PRO kits, Type K general purpose thermocouple kit and two multi-purpose kits with optional moulded on probes or hand held temperature probes, Catering Kit with High Accuracy Chef Thermometer and optional Type T probes, Legionella Kit with integral timer, probe and moulded-on thermocouple.

  • Automation Motor Sport Racing Kits and Sensors

    Automation Motor Sport Racing Kits and Sensors

    A new range of motor sport racing kits & sensors consisting of probes, digital meter and case. Kits available from 'budget' with a fixed tyre probe and great value hand held meter, to 'professional' with an adjustable tyre probe and premium digital meter. Hand Held Digital Infrared Thermometers also available.  

  • RTD / PRT Sensors & Detectors

    RTD / PRT Sensors & Detectors

    A range of Fabricated or Specialist RTD / PRT Sensors & Detectors to suit a wide range of applications together with Platinum Sensing Resistor Inserts and MI Probe with lead
  • Environmental Sensors & Instrumentation

    Environmental Sensors & Instrumentation

    A selection of sensors and instrumentation including room, ceiling and radiation sensors, hand held thermometers, infrared thermometers and data loggers.
  • RTD Detectors

    RTD Detectors

    A selection of Flat Film RTD Detectors; 100, 500 & 1000 Ohm in class A, B or 1/3 DIN A selection of 100 Ohm RTD Wire Wound Detectors, single and dual element types available in class A, B or 1/10 DIN
  • Handheld Thermometers

    Handheld Thermometers

    Convenient great value hand held thermometers including the GM700 & GM300 Infrared Thermometers, Food Thermometers, Oven, Dishwasher and Pen Type Thermometers
  • Custom Built Sensor Configurators