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Labfacility Product Guides

A comprehensive brochure for each of our product sections to help you select the right product for your specific requirements.

Thermocouple Product Guide

A large range of Thermocouples, in various diameters and lengths. Products include Mineral Insulated, Fine Wire Versatile, Fabricated & Specialist Thermocouples. Available in IEC & ANSI colour specifications.

Product Guide - Thermocouples

Thermocouple & PRT Cable / Wire Product Guide

A range of Thermocouple & PRT cables / wire to suit various applications. The range consists of the following: PVC, PFA, PTFE & Glassfibre insulated thermocouple cables. We also offer retractable curly leads and extension leads. Available in IEC & ANSI colour specifications.

Product Guide - Cables

Thermocouple Connectors Product Guide

A comprehensive family of miniature and standard Thermocouple Connectors, accessories, panels, terminal and barrier blocks; manufactured by Labfacility. Available in IEC, ANSI & JIS colour specifications.

Connectors Product Guide

Thermocouple Connector Accessories

A large range of fittings, accessories and panels to meet the needs of any temperature interconnection applications.

Thermocouple Connector Accessories

Platinum Resistance Thermometer (PRT) Product Guide

A range of Fabricated or Specialist RTD / PRT Sensors & Detectors to suit a wide range of applications together with Platinum Sensing Resistor Inserts and MI Probes with leads.

PRT Product Guide

Status Transmitters / Signal Conditioners & Panel Meters Product Guide

A comprehensive range of Transmitters, Signal Conditioners & Panel Meters from Status Instruments.

Status Instruments Product Guide