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Products include:

Infrared Thermometers / Bluetooth Data Loggers / Lascar USB range of temperature data loggers including the USB range, WiFi and vaccine monitoring kits

Lascar have a range of temperature and temperature and humidity data loggers perfect for monitoring the environment of anything from a kennel or animal housing area to a reptile tank. From small, low cost loggers that simply plug into a computer USB port to retrieve the data to WiFi connected loggers with displays that allow instant alarm notification and data monitoring from any internet enabled device. All of our data loggers have ranges with external probes allowing the device to sit on the outside of the tank or kennel.

Excessive exposure to temperatures that are too hot or cold can result in vaccines losing their potency. Continued exposure degrades potency even further and unfortunately, it cannot be restored and the vaccine must be destroyed. However, leaving a fridge door open for 10 minutes might not affect the vaccine stored inside. The glycol probes featured in the VAC range mimic an actual vial, tracking its temperature continuously and alarming when it shifts outside optimum storage temperatures.