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Thermocouple Connectors

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Thermocouple Connectors

Due to their location in often adverse environments such as hot working zones of furnaces and machinery, temperature sensors are liable to corrosion and mechanical damage. The need for occasional replacement is inevitable and the use of suitable connectors permits error-free fast, positive and reliable interchange with no risk of dangerous cross connection.

These thermocouple plugs and sockets have a technical and practical advantage over other types when terminating thermocouple wires or compensating cable in a wide variety of sizes. The wires are sandwiched between plates of thermocouple compatible material with a clamping screw, accommodating from very fine wires to stranded cables (up to 0.75mm2).

The connectors are colour coded and polarised and will mate with other makes of plugs and sockets. They can be mounted directly on to sheaths of up to 3mm diameter in the case of the miniature version or 1/4" (6.35mm) with the standard version by means of the brass bush available.

The sockets can be supplied as in-line or panel mounting versions with rectangular or circular fascias. The connectors are ruggedly made of glass filled thermoplastic for reliable operation up to 220°C sustained temperature.

The use of thermocouple compatible material eliminates measurement error due to the interconnection and the bright ISA colour coded body ensures clear identity of the type of thermocouple in use.

Miniature and standard connectors

Compensated connections ensure high accuracy Types K, J, T, E, N, R/S or Copper Copper
IEC, ANSI & JIS available Compatible with all other makes of equivalent connectors Polarised connector pins guarantee correct polarity
Withstand high temperature, 220°C continuous Rugged construction Inexpensive
PCB mounting available Wide range of accessories available In line or panel mounting connectors, single or multi-way

Frequently Asked Thermocouple Connectors Questions

Labfacility offer IEC (European), ANSI (north American) and JIS (Japanese) colours of Thermocouple Connectors.

A full range of Miniature and Standard sized Thermocouple Connectors in all calibrations are available.

Choose from 425°C High Temperature Thermocouple Connectors or the ceramic bodied 650°C plugs and sockets.

Labfacility offer a large range of Thermocouple Connector Accessories including panels, brackets, spade terminals, clamps and supports.

Yes, all our miniature and standard range of IEC, ANSI and JIS Thermocouple Connectors are manufactured in the UK to the highest quality standards.