Dual Element Mineral Insulated Pt100 Probe With Extension Lead

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Mineral Insulated Duplex PRT’s with two independent PT100 detectors inside tip of probe. This allows one probe to be connected to two measurement or control devices; alternatively, one sensor may be used as a primary and the other as a backup, eliminating the need to remove and replace the probe if one of the sensors should fail.

  • High temperature, rugged, flexible Pt100 probe with dual element
  • Suitable for many industrial applications including high pressure, vacuum and vibration
  • Pt100 Class B, 2 x 3 wire connection
  • Flexible stainless steel sheath, 6.0mm diameter
  • Probe can be bent to enable fitting in awkward locations
  • 1 metre 6 core Teflon® insulated, screened lead
  • Sensor temperature rating -50°C to +500°C


General Description Flexible mineral insulated probe, 316 stainless steel sheath
Sensor Type Pt100 (100 Ohms @ 0°C) to IEC 751, Class B, 2 x 3 wire
Probe Temperature Range -50°C to +500°C
Probe Dimensions 6.0mm diameter, available in 150 or 250mm lengths
Probe Bending Radius 18mm (min.) – Note: cannot be bent for 30mm at sensing tip
Extension Cable 1 metre 7/0.2mm flexible 6 core Teflon® insulated & screened
Pot Seal / Rating Plain pot seal rated 200°C max.
Termination Type 2 x 3 wire tails – allows connection to any 2 or 3 wire PT100 instrument