Hermetically Sealed Wire Thermistor Sensor

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Hermetically sealed 2-wire 10K NTC thermistor sensor for corrosive or wet environments (IP67 Rated)

Key Features:

  • Resistance Value: 10K ohms
  • Type: NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistor, meaning its resistance decreases as the temperature increases.
  • Temperature Range: Capable of accurately measuring temperatures from -30°C to +150°C.
  • Wiring: 2-wire configuration for simple connectivity.

An IP67 wire sensor that is hermetically sealed for use in corrosive or wet environments.

This versatile multi-purpose sensor has been specifically designed for use in and to protect against corrosion in harsh or wet environments. It has a quick response time and can be easily cleaned. The impermeable PFA insulated flexible wire thermistor provides exceptional resistance to oils, fluids, gases, and chemicals and is electrically isolated.

The tip contains a 10K NTC Thermistor, which is weld-sealed to give a continuous PFA coating along the entire length and provide an atmosphere that is airtight and moisture-proof .

Typical Applications

  • Pharmaceutical, Autoclaves and Sterilisation
  • Food & Catering
  • Environmental & Geothermal
  • Laboratory and Research & Development


General Description An IP67 sensor that is hermetically sealed for use in corrosive or wet environments
Sensor Type Hermetically sealed thermistor
Thermistor 10K NTC Thermistor
BETA 25/85 3977K
Cable Length 1, 2 & 5m
Cable Type 2 wire flexible 7/0.2mm stranded conductors (24AWG) with 75mm tails
Core / Strands 7/0.2mm (24AWG)
Cable Termination 75mm Bare Tails
Max. Temperature +150°C
Min. Temperature -30°C
IP Rating 67
Accuracy +/- 0.2K (over 0-70°C)
Important Information Pressure tested at 40 PSI as standard