KNE Stainless Steel Terminal Head

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Many alternative types of terminal heads are available to meet the requirements of various applications.

Variations exist in size, material, accommodation, resistance to media, resistance to fire or even explosion and in other parameters. 

KNE Stainless Steel Terminal Heads provide robust protection for electrical connections in harsh environments. Their corrosion resistance, durability, and secure sealing make them suitable for a wide range of industrial, chemical, food and beverage, and marine applications.

Proper installation and regular maintenance ensure reliable performance and long-term protection of sensitive electrical components.


Head Type KNE Stainless steel Terminal Head
Material 316 Stainless Steel
Cable Entry M20 x 1.5mm
Fixing (Centres) 33mm & 40mm
Max. Temperature 170°C
IP Rating IP67 rated
Process Entry ½” BSPP
Cap Retaining Type Screw cap and retaining screw

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