Handheld Needle Probe T-shaped - Asphalt or Food Processing 1M / 1.4M - Type K

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Temperature Type K Needle Probe T-shaped - Asphalt or Food Processing with 1M or 1.4M length

T-shaped handle reduced tip penetration probe.

  • Reduced sensing tip for faster response.
  • Response time less than 17 seconds.
  • Probe temperature range -75 to 250°C
  • Accuracy to BS EN 60584-1:2013
  • Tip diameter 9.5 x 1000mm or 1400mm length

Biomaster antimicrobial technology is incorporated during the manufacturing process, ensuring lifelong protection against the risk of bacterial cross contamination. As well as being harmful to health, outbreaks of food poisoning can damage brands, and the reputation of stores, food producers and restaurants.

The risk of food-borne contamination is widespread, existing in restaurants, bars, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, aircraft, cruise ships and your home. Anywhere where food is made, prepared or eaten.


General Description probe response time: less than 17 seconds
Sensor Type T-shaped handle reduced tip penetration probe
Thermocouple Type K
Probe Diameter 9.5mm
Probe Length 1000 mm 1400 mm
Max. Temperature 250°C
Min. Temperature -75°C
Standards Met BS EN 60584-1:2013

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