Lascar EL-WEM & EL-WEM+ WiFi CO2 and Indoor Air Quality Monitor Data Loggers

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EasyLog’s EL-WEM device continuously observes Indoor Air Quality, monitoring particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10) temperature, humidity, VOC’s and pressure to ensure the air quality is always excellent.

If the air quality becomes poor, an alert is automatically sent to selected users to warn them of the change. Thanks to the device’s Cloud-connectivity, all readings are automatically uploaded to the EasyLog Cloud. Simply set up the EL-WEM using the EasyLog Cloud App and benefit from 24/7 access to data via the EasyLog Cloud.


The EL-WEM+ measures and monitors CO2, temperature, humidity, VOC’s, PM1 (the smallest type of particle), PM2.5, PM10 and pressure. Like the EL-WEM, the EL-WEM+ checks for any changes to the air quality, sending an instant alert via email and SMS to users as soon as air quality gets poor. All data is automatically uploaded to the users EasyLog Cloud account when they can view, analyse and download all their readings.

See data sheet attachment for full technical specifications

EasyLog Cloud - Your data, anytime, anywhere
Within the EasyLog Cloud, users can access vital data from any internet-enabled computer, tablet or mobile device. Users can view, analyse and graph live and historic data from single locations to worldwide operations from anywhere in the
world. Critical events are notified to specific users in seconds via the alarm system that’s easily tailored to the user’s exact requirements.

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