Type J Glassfibre Thermocouple Extension Leads with Standard Plug & Sockets (IEC)

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Cable Description

  • Glassfibre insulated extension cable with stainless steel overbraiding
  • Thermocouple type J in lengths 2 or 5 metre
  • 7/0.2mm stranded conductors
  • Glassfibre insulated flat pair construction, conductors laid flat, Glassfibre insulated with Glassfibre jacket, silicone -varnished throughout + stainless steel overbraid for added protection and mechanical strength
  • Good temperature resistance but not suitable where fluids are present
  • Cable clamp fitted for securing cable to plugs
  • Tolerance Class 2 to IEC-584
  • Insulation rating -60°C to 350°C (short periods up to 400°C)
  • Colour code (cores & jacket) to IEC-584-3

Connector Description

  • All contacts are polarised to ensure correct connection
  • Cable clamp available for securing cable to plugs
  • Type J contacts are made from true Thermocouple alloys
  • Colour coded in accordance with IEC specification
  • Maximum continuous operating temperature 220°C


General Description Good strength to physical disturbance and high temperature (up to 400°C). Will not prevent ingress of fluids.
Cable Length 2M or 5M
Cable Type Flat pair cable
Connector Type Thermocouple Plugs & Sockets
Connector Size Standard
Core / Strands 7/0.2mm
Conductor Cross Section 7/0.2 (mm2) 0.219
Outer Colour Silver
Loop Resistance 7/0.2 (Ohms per combined metre) 4.5
Max. Temperature +350°C (short periods up to 400°C)
Min. Temperature -60°C
+ Conductor Iron
- Conductor Constantan
Screen Yes
Screen Type Stainless Steel Overbraid
Standards Met Colour code (cores & jacket) to IEC-584-3
Thermocouple Type J
Tolerance Class 2

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Connectors Colour Chart

International Thermocouple Colour Codes For Connector Bodies. IEC, ANSI and JIS.