Status TTR200X Temperature Transmitter - Suitable for RTD sensors approved to ATEX and IECEx standards

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Status Instruments
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  • Suitable for RTD, Slidewire and Resistance Sensors
  • Sensor Calibration Feature
  • Adjustable Input Filter
  • Version For Hazardous Areas
  • Gost Certificate
  • Sine Vibration Certificate

The TTR220X is approved to ATEX and IECEx standards allowing for use in hazardous area applications.

The TTR200X ‘smart’ transmitter is designed for use with RTD or Slidewire sensors. The flexible design allows the use of any resistive sensor within the range of (10 to 10500) Ω. Pt100, 500, 1000, Ni or Cu sensors as well as slide wire sensors up to 100 KΩ can be accommodated. Other sensor characteristics or your own 22 point linearisation characteristic (for slidewire or linear resistance) can be downloaded into the product enabling you to adapt it exactly to your application.

PC configuration allows the user to select Sensor type, Range, Filter, Tag, Units and error signal without requiring calibration equipment. Additionally, the user may read live process data when connected to the PC, this allows for sensor offset, and output alignment calibration, where the user can enter values to match the actual process and therefore reducing system errors.

If required, the desired range can be specified at the time of order, removing the need for user configuration. If the range is not specified then the transmitter will be shipped with the default range of Pt100 (0 to 100) °C, burnout high and filter off.