Type T Glassfibre Insulated Flat Pair thermocouple cable / wire (IEC)

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Type T Glassfibre Insulated Flat Pair thermocouple cable / wire (IEC)

Glassfibre insulated flat pair construction, conductors laid flat, Glassfibre insulated with Glassfibre overall, silicone varnished throughout. Good temperature resistance but not suitable where fluids are present.


General Description Good temperature range but will not prevent ingress of fluids. Fairly flexible but does not provide good mechanical protection.
Cable Length 10m, 25m, 50m, 100m
Cable Type Flat pair cable
Core / Strands 1/0.315mm
Conductor Cross Section 1/0.315 (mm2) 0.078
Outer Colour Brown & White
+ Colour Brown
- Colour White
Drain Wire No
Insulation Material Glassfibre insulated
Loop Resistance 1/0.315 (Ohms per combined metre) 6.5
Max. Temperature +350°C (short periods up to 400°C)
Min. Temperature -60°C
+ Conductor Copper
- Conductor Constantan
Screen No
Standards Met Colour code (cores & jacket) to IEC-584-3
Thermocouple Type T
Tolerance Class 2

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Thermocouple Cables & Wire from Labfacility manufactured in the UK and distributed around the world. Available in 100m, 50m, 25m and 10m options. All Thermocouple Cables are held in stock ready to go.

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Thermocouple extension and compensating wires and cable. IEC, ANS, DIN & BS.