Status DM650/TM - Temperature Indicator With Data Logging, Alarm & Messaging

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  • Universal RTD or thermocouple input
  • Battery powered
  • USB and NFC interface
  • Alarm relay / user set display messages
  • 5000 point data logger

**This items does not come supplied with a SCH4 base**

The DM650TM battery powered indicator accepts RTD or thermocouple temperature sensors and displays the sensor temperature in °C or °F on a 6-digit LCD display. The instrument offers an advanced display mode allowing the user to also display one or two (1 to 32) character messages. Additional to the messages, the user may select an alert event to occur when the temperature is within a band. The change-over relay can be used together with the messaging and alert to provide switching at user-set switch points. In addition to this, on board datalogging is also available to record process details at up to 5000 points.


The instrument is equipped with a volt-free change over type relay. The user may select one of seven
actions, including deviation operation, with fully adjustable set point and hysteresis. The Relay may be
turned off if not required to extend battery life. An option is provided to trigger a display alert event
when the relay contact is on. The relay can optionally be used to indicate a low battery condition.

DM650TM also provides a powerful data logging function. The log points can be set up to 5000 points, each
point is time and date stamped together with temperature and relay state information.
The log rate is selectable in steps. The start of log can be delayed if required. Either fixed or rolling logs
may be performed.

Two methods of reading the log are available. USB interfaced software reads the log and allows the user
to save to a text file for export to other programs. The NFC android interface allows data transfer to
android phones or tablets and using the downloadable App. The data can be graphed and forwarded by
email, Bluetooth etc. The NFC interface is also capable of starting a new log with different log period and

The instrument is powered by a single AA 3.6 V lithium battery. The battery life is dependent on the
number of active features such as the relay contact and alert LED. Battery life 1-year minimum (longer
depending on options selected)

Date and time can also be displayed with the input temperature. The RTC is also used to time stamp the
data logged points which will also give relay state.