Lascar EL-EnviroPad-TC Thermometer with Inbuilt data logging and graphing

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Thermometer with Inbuilt Data Logging & Graphing

  • Two modes: ‘Data Logging’ or ‘Spot Measurement’
  • High & Low Alarms
  • 2.8” colour touch screen
  • Compatible with thermocouples type J, K, N & T
  • Downloadable data via USB

This robust easy to use handheld device takes and records temperature readings via the attached k-type probe that is supplied with the unit. A large touch screen, colour display indicates temperature, maximum and minimum readings and will produce a graph of the data.

It has two functions ‘Data Logging’ and ‘Spot Measurement’;

  1. When in ‘Data Logging’ mode it can be set up and left to take temperature readings at pre-determined intervals for a desired length of time. All readings are saved to a file with a date and time stamp in CSV format for up to 65,536 readings.
  2. When in ‘Spot Measurement’ mode the unit can be used as a thermometer to capture one-off temperature readings displayed on screen. This can be repeated for up to 65,536 readings per file.

This data can then be downloaded to PC via a USB connection and opened with Microsoft Excel® or the EasyLog software.

The unit is compatible with any J, K, N and T type thermocouple probes. A protective boot - PAD DATA BOOT - is available separately and can be removed for cleaning and is dishwasher safe.

General Description The EL-EnviroPad-TC is a robust, easy to use, multi-function handheld thermometer that takes and records temperature readings via the attached thermocouple probe. The EL-EnviroPad-TC has two main functions: Data Logging and Measurement.
Accuracy ±1.5°C (±3°F) (data logger only - thermocouple error not included)
Readings 32,510 - Logging rate of 1 second to 12 hours (user selectable)
Dimensions 107 x 68 x 19mm (4.21 x 2.67 x 0.74”)
Max. Temperature 50°C (122°F)
Min. Temperature 0°C (-32°F)
Power Consumption Battery Life: 8 Hours (at 25°C and 1 minute logging rate)